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Hey. This is a glee-diction tumblr/blog, for all of us gleeks. This I would have to say, is my happy place. :) Having said that, this blog is not 100% a quality Glee blog. Some things that catch my eye makes its way here as well.

POTTERMORE: LeviosaPhoenix78

I first have to declare that I ship Klaine to the ends of the earth. So I cannot deny that mostly what you will see here are Klaine, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss & CrissColfer.

Other ships, I ship:
- Brittana, Quick, Artina, Faberry & Finchel
- HeYa, Double D, Lagron, MchKowitz & MonChele

Watch out for these as well:
Harry Potter, Starkid, Disney, Tumblr funny pics etc.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own ANY of the pictures. ALL of them will be reblogs. IF there were to be my post, I will state, but this would be really rare.

For my personal Tumblr, click the "About Me" button.

Enjoy gleeking!

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